TellMe Project
Bringing #MeToo to to workplacE

Blockchain for social impact Hackathon in Tel-Aviv 2018

Through a complaints system, a private and anonymous complaint can be left until a threshold amount of complaints has been filed against the individual.

Complaints are collected regardless of time or work in one organization and when the complaints against the individual reach the threshold amount - the identity of the object of the complaints, the complainants and the content of the complaints will be exposed and the process of handling the complaints will begin including the enforcement of appropriate sanctions.

We create a chain of connected events in order to solve one of the most complex chains in the world of work, the problem of harassment, through the technology of Blockchain, which has just been discovered.


The first place was taken by a girls team, 5 girls aged between 14 to 18 year olds, that Yael (the organizer) met about 10 days ago while they were working at Wework on some project. All are members at She.Codes. They presented a blockchain app to reduce heavy and complicated HR processes in corporations and institutions.

The second place was taken by a team (our team, no. 14) that provide with the decentralized network an app to fight against harassment in the workspace.

And the third place was taken by a team that created a sustainable model to help refugees tracking the #SDG goals. UN SDG Action Campaign