MaMatsav - Saving The Sea Turtles

Development of the project MaMatsav (what is the situation of the turtle)ֿ
The project is voluntary and the prize is transferred in full to the development of the project


In the course of the IoT event, which was held at In-Vent the haifa hub,
we developed the ״MaMatsav - Saving The Sea Turtles״ technological project, which won first place at 15 nis.
Thanks to the formulation and development of the design concept we created,
to create the code in image processing processing and machine learning technologies,
as well as characterization and UI design (UI / UX),
which provides the end user with all the information about the hatching process,
from the initial stage to the final stage.

We hope that this development will help protect the sea turtles in Israel
and we wish them a lot of success for Amichay, Roee and Eran
for taking on the important task of preserving sea turtles in Israel and by a volunteering work.
We will continue to assist in advancing the project and will update for developments.

** It is important to note that the amount of the winnings
is transferred in full to the realization of the project and is not intended for personal needs **

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